Practice Field Status

Field Status

  • AHS: Open
  • Bliss: N/A
  • Poncin-Hewitt: Open
  • Tilda B. Stone Playground (Dodgeville): Open
  • Wamsutta: Open

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Welcome to the Spring 2017 In-Town Season


Dear AYS In-Town Recreational League Players, Families, and Coaches,

AYS wants to start with a great big thank you to all the coaches, assistant coaches, age group coordinators and other volunteers, without whom The Attleboro Youth Soccer program would not run.

We are very excited to kick off our spring season this Sunday, April 9th. At our opening day from 12:30pm to 2:00pm the kids will be able to meet the New England Revolution mascott Slyde. Feel free to get your childs picture taken with him! Below are some quick links to the spring schedules and field maps. Also please read the AYS policies that are listed below that have been put in place to ensure the safety of all of our members. We look forward to a great season!

Spring Game Schedule

S2017 Field Maps


Spring 2017 Season Schedule

The Spring season start date may change pending the towns decision on opening the fields based on the field conditions from the prior winter.

The In-Town program does NOT have a picture day in the spring, nor does the calendar allow for an off-field award ceremony.  End of season awards will be handed out on the field by the coaches following the last game of the season. 

Practices will start before the 1st game of the season pending field conditions. All games and practices will be played either at the Upper or Lower Tilda B. Stone Playground (Dodgeville) located at 700 South Main Street

Below is some information you will need, please click on the section headings to expand.

Game Times

Game Format

Practice Times

Soccer Balls and Equipment

Jewelry and Sweatshirts

Inclement Weather

Tilda B Stone (Dodgeville) Parking:

As many of you will remember from last spring parking is an issue so please remember the following tips:

  • We ask that all families arrive in 1 car, or if feasible to car pool with your neighbors;

  • Please do not park on route 152, the police will ticket you;

  • Please do not park on the grass area near the monument, there are sprinkler lines that run under there and can be easily damaged;

  • If your game is on the upper fields please park in the tennis courts and near the pool area;

  • If your game is on the lower fields please park in the lower lot and on the hill;

  • Within the tennis court please DO NOT PARK in the blue hashed area in the middle, this is the driveway in and out of the area.  Please form 4 rows of parking facing out of the lot.  There should be 1 row of cars at the opening, an aisle, 2 rows of cars centered on the painted line, an aisle and then a row of cars along the fence closest to the field. Please leave space in front of the portable toilet and the storage container;

  • Make full use of the hill, I will be marking off an aisle with traffic cones down the gravel part of the hill to allow easier access;

  • We will make sure all games start on time so they end on time;

  • The staggered start times between upper and lower fields used in the fall seemed to alleviate traffic and parking issues so that practice has continued.  

***Please remember: No Dogs (no matter how small) are allowed on the fields during practices or games.  Dogs must remain along the outer edges of the fields near the fences and parking lots. ***

NO TOBACCO USE: New this year the Attleboro Recreation Commission has adopted a No Tobacco use policy for all parks and recreational facilities in the city of Attleboro.  So smoking, or the use of chew, is strictly forbidden.   

Zero Tolerance Policy

Parents and Coaches, please remember that the Referees officiating your son or daughters game are young players, who themselves are still learning the game, and will make mistakes.  We ask that you DO NOT make any disparaging remarks towards the referees.  If any of our referees feel they are being harassed or taunted, they will stop the game and action will be taken by the AYS In-Town Director to remove anyone who violates the ZERO Tolerance Policy.  For full disclosure of the AYS policies that you agreed to when registering your child, please refer to the AYS website, at

AYS Volunteers:

Please remember AYS non-profit organization and is a parent volunteer run organization.  We are always looking for volunteers for coaches, assistant coaches, and age group coordinators. Volunteers would help direct people before each game and manning the AYS table. Field and equipment coordinators will help maintain equipment and paint lines on the fields each week. If you do not have soccer experience AYS will help get you trained! Also for this past Fall 2016 and upcoming Spring 2017 season we are very excited to be offering a d$15.00 credit for all volunteers that can be applied to upcoming seasons. If you did not register as a volunteer when you registered your child please contact me. Also please remember to treat all of our volunteers with respect they are doing their best to help your children. To become a AYS volunteer please follow the steps on this link:

Play Safe, Play Fair, and Have Fun!




AYS In-Town Director



*The next upcoming AYS Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 13th @ 7:45pm in the Bartek Center.




"Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun."

Mignon McLaughlin