Practice Field Status

Field Status

  • AHS: Open
  • Bliss: N/A
  • Poncin-Hewitt: Open
  • Tilda B. Stone Playground (Dodgeville): Open
  • Wamsutta: Open

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2017 Cash Calendar Winners

Winner Amount
Laurie Lewis, Stowe, MA $100
Corri & Rich Berube, Attleboro, MA $75
Jason Mellen, Central Falls, RI $75
Scott & Meghan Domenici, Attleboro, MA $75
Rona Nachbar, North Providence, RI $50
Emily Jodoin, Attleboro, MA $50
Bryan Cook, Attleboro, MA $50
Lee Jamieson, Attleboro, MA $75
Jon Almeida, Attleboro, MA  $75
Kate Lemle, Attleboro, MA $75
Cookie Devine, Middleboro, MA $75
Jared St. Peire, Attleboro, MA $50
Madison Kelly, Attleboro, MA $50
Justine Noelte, N. Digthon, MA $50
Stefan Houlder, Pawtucket, RI $50
Tammy Boory, N. Attleboro, MA $75
Nicolas Martinez, Attleboro, MA $75
Susan Anastasia, Carver, MA $75
Dan White, Attleboro, MA $50
Bill Tisdale, Cranston, RI $50
Nicole Soares, Attleboro, MA $50
Brian Flynn, Attleboro, MA $50
Paula Blais, Attleboro, MA $75
Chris Holmes, Norton, MA $75
Jenn Amaral, Attleboro, MA $75
Annalise Robinson, Attleboro, MA $50
Leila Franso, Attleboro, MA $50
E. Ray Sherman, East Greenwich, RI $100

Parking Ban Notification

Parking is restricted to the Dodgeville Parking lots ONLY.

There is to be no parking on South Main Street (RT 152).

Violators will be subject to ticketing by APD.

All AYS Fields are also a NO DRONE ZONE at all times.

Board Meeting reminder

AYS Soccer Board meets the Second Thursday of every month at the Bartek Center.

Due to practices the meetings are pushed back to 7:30 to allow normal practices to occur.


All are welcome.


*The next upcoming AAYS Boardl Meeting is scheduled for Thursday February 8th @ 8:00 pm in the Bartek Center Classroom.




"Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun."

Mignon McLaughlin


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